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User Review and Evaluation of Canon's Macro Lens "EF-S35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM, with actual photographs. Criteria of those who are suitable for this lens.

This is a review of Canon's macro lens "EF-S35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM".

Hi, I'm Mimi from Japan. I am a Canon camera user, and this is my first macro lens. I'll explain who fits this camera, and which situations suitable are for this lens. I'll also show some photographs I took.


[Important] To avoid a failure with this lens, it is important to simulate the distance between you (or your camera) and a subject". Also, since this is a single focus lens, you cannot zoom it. In other words,  you have to approach the subject until it becomes a desirable size on the liquid crystal panel. I can say that This lens is suitable for taking pictures from a very close distance.


Appearance of EF-S35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM

↓↓ Lens outlook  (right lens)

キャノンEF-S35mm F2.8 マクロ IS STM

↓↓ EF-S35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM with the dedicated lens hood

When removing the lens hood, the built-in LED (white ring) will appear. Press the "light" mark on the side of the body to turn it on. If you want to use the LED lamp, you have to remove the lens hood.

Specifications of EF-S35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM

It is a small lens with a filter diameter of 49 mm and a total length is about 7 cm. It weighs only 190g and is the lightest lens I have.

(1) A single focus lens: Since it is a single focus lens, not a zoom lens, so you have to move closer to or far away from the subject.

POINT! People who fit a single focus lens are those who have a fixed distance between themselves and the subject.

I purchased this lens to take pictures of food in my room. It means that the distance between the food (subject) and the camera (me) is almost constant. In my case, I am at 3 cm to 50 cm from the subject.


(2) Macro lens: You can take detailed close-up photos that cannot be taken with a standard lens (in my case, Canon EFS 18 to 55mm). This macro lens can enable you to shoot pictures at the same magnification.

Look at a Kiwi picture below. You can see even kiwi fibers! This is one of the greatest points of this macro lens! !

(3) F value: The minimum F value is 2.8.

F value 2.8 is quite small (because the minimum F-number of my standard lens is 5.6). If the F-number is small, you can have brighter pictures (because more light passes through the lens). However, the depth of field with F-number 2.8 is considerably shallower (In other words, the range in focus is smaller). Those who wants to deliberately take a blurred photo tend to use a lower F-number.

↓↓↓ I photographed black rice indoors with F value 5.6, with shooting distance of 3cm, with natural light.

I'm impressed of a big rice grains!

↓↓↓ When a F value is 2.8, the range in focus becomes considerably narrower.

(4) Built-in LED light:


↓↓↓ A picture taken without LED light (3㎝ pasta)

↓ ↓ ↓ A picture taken with LED light (The brightness did not change so much, but the shutter speed became slightly faster.)


When you might think that the built-in LED light is great, but this light can make things only a little brighter. Don't expect a flash-like light. I actually use a strobe for indoor photography on cloudy days. I think that the built-in LED light is not very important.

(5) With image stabilization: This lowers the impact of shake when you take pictures.

I am grateful for this feature, because some lenses do not have it.

⑥EF-S lens: Canon's EF-S lens is for APS-C sensor. It is not for full size sensor.


By the way, my camera is Canon EOS Kiss x7, released in 2013.

What you can do and cannot do with the Canon EF-S35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM

You CAN:

・ take detailed close-up photos from a close distance (You can approach the subject as close as to 1.3 cm ). You can take detailed pictures of small objects. This camera is recommended for those who want to take pictures form a close distance.

- take snapshots of people and landscape. The angle of view is 35mm, which is in-between angle of my standard lens (18-55mm).


・ take pictures of insects and birds outside (Most of the time, it is dangerous to approach them, or you cannot approach them because of obstacles between you and the subject . I recommend a telescopic macro lens for those who want to take pictures of insects or birds outside.)

・ Zoom-in / -out (Because it is not a zoom lensm you have to get closer to the subject by yourself.)

Person who fits this camera

The person who meets criteria below is suitable for this camera.

・A person who want to shoot close-up pictures from a close distance.

・ A person living in a small room. This is the biggest reason for me to have selected this lens. I live in a small room. If my room were as spacious as an American house, I think I would have bought a mid-range macro telephoto lens. In my room, I can't move back more than 1 meter from the subject.

In other words, this macro lens is suitable for people who cannot move back because of a small room and who can only shoot pictures from a very close distance to the subject.

Checklist for buying this macro lens

This is a checklist for you, please answer Yes or No.

・ Do you want to take close-up pictures?

・Is your room small enough to prevent you from moving back?

・ Can I get closer to the subject ?

・ Is it indoor photography?

・ Is the distance between the camera and the subject short?

If all answers are yes, this macro lens is for you!

Checklist of people who should not buy this lens

・ People who want to take close-up pictures of flowers outside (You may be able to get close to flowers, but you might block the sunshine and your shadow might cover the flowers. This lens is not suitable for outdoor photography.)

・ People who want to take pictures of insects and birds outside (single focus lenses cannot be zoomed.)

・ People who want a zoom lens. (This is a single focus lens. Don't make a mistake!)

My works by Canon EF-S35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM

The following works were pictures taken with this lens. I use my PIXTA ( a Japanese photostock) pictures.



Sliced tomato: Don't you think this is very fresh?


The cross section of the cake: Details are beautiful.


Conchiglie (pasta).


Summary of Canon EF-S35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM

This macro lens is suitable for people who:

● take pictures at a very short distance from the subject.

● do macro photography of small objects.

I hope this article would be helpful for you. I think that a "God-like lens" is a lens that meets the purpose of your usage. ♥ Thank you for reading.

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